Referral Contest!

Hey everyone, it’s Eris again! We’ve got an exciting thing going on right now! Fox recently implemented the code for referrals, and to celebrate we’re holding a contest!  From now until November 5th 2018, whoever gets the most referrals gets a commission (up to $30) paid for by Artconomy!

A referral is anyone who buys or sells a Shield-protected commission after using one of those new referral links that are now in your profile.

In adddition to the contest,  any referrals will net you some free premium time!

  • Any time someone you refer buys their first Shield-protected commission, you get a free month of Portrait!
  • When a referral sells their first Shield-protected commission, that’s a free month of Landscape!

No go on out there and refer some friends! Good luck!

The Commissioning Process: How it Works

Artconomy’s primary goal is to make it as easy to commission online as it is in person. To do this, we have created a system that makes it easy for commissioners to order, easy for artists to communicate with their customers, and which fosters trust between the parties involved. Today we’ll be looking at how this system works!



Setting up your Characters

Before you begin ordering a commission, you will want to set up any characters you want to be portrayed on your profile. To do this, go to your profile page by clicking on your name/icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select the ‘Characters’ tab on your profile. You can then hit the green plus sign to begin.

You can set your character’s sex, species, and description here. You can also add tags for your character to make them easier for you or others to search for, and/or mark them private so only you can see them. Not only that, but you can set their colors, too, if you already know what their colors should be.

Placing the Order

Once you have your characters set up, it’s time to place the order. Find a product you’d like either by using the search bar, browsing recent products on the home page, or by checking the ‘Who’s Open?’ list.

If the product is covered by Artconomy Shield, you’ll see an indicater of that right below the product.

Click the order button and you’ll be brought to the order form. Add any characters you’d like, describe what’s needed, and click the Submit button in the top right!



Handling an Incoming Order

Once a commissioner places an order, you’ll receive a notification on site and by email.

Follow the link in the email or click the notification in your notifications center to visit the order page.

Here, you’ll have an opportunity to review the details of the order and make any adjustments necessary to price, workload, or timing expectations.

From here, you can decline the order or accept it. Once accepted, the commissioner will receive an email and notification letting them know the artist’s finalized price, and that it’s time to pay.

The Real Work Begins!

Now that the order is accepted, the artist can begin work as soon as they are ready. Artists, when beginning work, be sure to click the ‘Mark as In Progress’ button to notify commissioners when you’ve begun. You can even include a streaming link so that they (and your watchers) can see the work in progress!

As you complete revisions for the customer to review, they will be able to comment on the received work.

Once the work is completed, the artist can upload the final for review. From there they can either approve the final or dispute it through the Artconomy Shield system, bringing in a mediator from the Artconomy team. See our FAQ for how disputes regarding orders are judged.

Once the order is done, be sure to rate your buyer or seller!

Getting Paid!

Once the piece is approved, the money is available for withdrawal. If the artist doesn’t have Auto Withdraw turned on, they can then visit their settings page, and check their Payout Account under the Payment tab to initiate a withdrawal. The transfer should complete within 5 business days to their bank account.

If you’d like to see how you can make more on each commission, or how to know when your favorite artists are open, read our post about Artconomy Portrait and Landscape!

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Artconomy Portrait and Landscape — How to Make the Best of Artconomy for You!

Artconomy endeavors to be the best service possible for the most people to get custom art commissioned and sold. We expect most people coming to the site will commission occasionally or sell casually.

However, those who are especially passionate about art will want to get more out of Artconomy.

Enter Artconomy Portrait and Artconomy Landscape.


Artconomy Portrait

Most of our customers are going to commissioners looking to get pieces done of their characters. A select few will want to be notified and first in line to commission their favorite artists.

Artconomy Portrait allows you to be notified, in real time, when your favorite artists are available. When you sign up for Artconomy Portrait, you can choose to receive an email and/or a Telegram message the moment your favorite artists have an opening. This makes sure you have the best chance of getting that commission from that favorite artist who’s always full or rarely opens. No more manually checking blog posts to see if someone is taking commissions– you’ll know the moment we do!


Artconomy Landscape

If you’re a professional artist, your margins matter. Artconomy makes it easy for anyone to get started making money on their art, but for those who are more established, sale fees can add up quickly.

Subscribing to Artconomy Landscape significantly reduces Artconomy’s fees for each piece, allowing you to make more money on each commission completed. For prolific or high priced artists, this can immediately mean more profits.

Each sale you make will display how much more you would make, or how much more you did make, when using Artconomy Landscape.

For many artists, only two or three commissions a month is enough for Artconomy Landscape to pay for itself and then some! As a bonus, all Artconomy Landscape subscribers also get all Artconomy Portrait features!


How to Upgrade

To upgrade your account to Artconomy Portrait or Artconomy Landscape, all you have to do is click the Upgrade link in the menu and follow the instructions onscreen.


Find out news on Artconomy, status updates, opportunities for beta testing and more!

Reputation and Ratings for Artists and Buyers

On most art and gallery sites that are available today, it’s difficult to establish a reputation as either a commissioner or an artist. With Artconomy, this is no longer a concern. Every commission allows an opportunity for commissioners and artists to rate each other.

When you visit a user’s profile page, click the stars under their avatar to view their ratings. If they don’t yet have any stars, they’re new, and you could be the first to rate them!

To rate your artist (or your commissioner) look at the bottom of your order page under the final. There, you’ll find a form to set a number of stars and add any comments you have. With the power of feedback you can work together with your fellow artists and art lovers to improve each other and the community!

Preventing Abuse

One of the most frustrating parts of online market places are fake reviews. It’s very easy on many sites for sellers to hire out for dishonest feedback. On Artconomy, no ratings may be placed without a completed purchase, making it very expensive for anyone to inflate their rating.

Likewise, anyone who might submit a bad review has to have already finished and settled the transaction first, with the piece delivered, removing much of the motivation for demanding a refund or otherwise extorting based on a bad review.

If you suspect anyone is abusing the rating system, please contact support with more information. Artconomy takes review fraud seriously, and wants to keep purchasing and selling art safe for everyone on our platform!

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Adjustments: How to Handle the Chaos of Custom Orders

Until Artconomy, creating a storefront for custom art has been difficult. One of the biggest reasons why is that each piece that’s created comes with its own unique details, and some of these details require more work than others.

Imagine creating an online ‘product’ to represent ink sketches you’re willing to sell. You set the price for it and then wait for the orders to come in. Finally one arrives and you look at the details. To your horror, you discover…

Detailed Tattoos






…you realize that you’ll be spending at least double the time on this one piece while charging the same price for it. You could increase the prices of your commission offerings to offset when this happens,  but then your general price might be too much. What you need is a way to charge extra for only those commissions that require detail work.

Enter Artconomy’s Adjustments feature! Adjustments allow you to tack on extra charges (or discounts!) for each commission depending on what the customer has asked for. This makes sure that if you end up having to spend more time to make a piece the right way, the commissioner is paying for that extra time.

Not only can you specify how much more (or less) you will be charging for a piece, you can also specify how much more (or less) the task weight should be. Since Artconomy manages your workload for you, it can take into account commissions that are going to take longer and avoid keeping you open for commissions and over-committing, preventing customer service problems.

The next time you see a character with wings show up, don’t panic, just set an adjustment and get back to creating the art you love!

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Who’s Open? Seeing Artist Availability at a Glance

Navigating the world of art is messy. One of the fundamental challenges to getting a piece done of your favorite character is finding an available artist.

Not only do you have to find the right artist, you need to be able to find their pricing, and if they have any room. We think it would be nice if you could follow your favorite artists and know, at a glance, who’s available and what they’re offering.

Introducing the “Who’s Open?” feature. To use it, you first visit your favorite artist’s profile page and watch them:

Then, you go to the “Who’s Open?” link in the menu.

And voila! All of the artists you’re watching, with all of the products they’re offering, are at your fingertips!

Can I Get Instant Alerts?

You can! Instead of checking the list to see who is open, Artconomy Portrait Subscribers can be alerted via email and Telegram messenger.

When watching a user, you will be presented with a button offering to alert you:

Click this button to start the account upgrade process. Alternatively, you can visit the upgrade button on the sidebar. Once upgraded, emails will send the moment your favorite artists open, and you can visit the Portrait tab in your settings page to set up your Telegram alerts!

Now you can know the moment your favorite artists are open and get into their queue first!

How do I know the Artists are Really Open?

Artconomy manages the workload of artists, and allows them to quickly open and close commissions. This means that when artists’ queues are full, their products are automatically taken down, so you don’t have to worry about sifting through old availability announcements.

Artconomy will continue to find innovative ways to make the commissioning process as smooth as possible.

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Placeholder Sales – Or How to Manage Commissions Made Both on and off of Artconomy

One of the most troublesome aspects of the trade for many artists is workload management. How do you make sure you’re not taking on too much? How do you keep track of everything you have to do?

Artconomy helps you with this by allowing you to have a number of ‘points’ that each order is worth. You can assign more points to orders that are more complicated, and less points to orders that are easy. You also set your ‘maximum load’, which is the number of points you’re able to take on at once. When you’ve reached your maximum, Artconomy closes your commissions for you, allowing you to focus on the work you currently have and avoiding customer service problems that can come from appearing open for commissions when you don’t really have room.

When customers order through Artconomy, tracking how much work you have to do is easy. However, what happens when you’ve taken an order in person for cash, such as at a convention, or when you’ve decided to work on a personal project, and have to factor it in?

Enter Placeholder Sales

Placeholder sales allow you to track information about a project not commissioned through Artconomy. This allows you to still keep track of your load and your open projects without needing to have every single thing commissioned through our service.

To create a new placeholder sale, go to your Sales page in the menu, and under the ‘Current’ tab, a green + button will appear. Click the button, and fill out the form.


You can add all the information you like about the project– what to make, the email and IM information, links to references the user has provided, as well as assign points to the sale, as well as the expected turnaround time you have for the project.

Once the placeholder sale is created, you can see its points show up in your statistics. Like any other sale, if the placeholder sale consumes your remaining points, you will be closed for commissions.

What Can’t Placeholder Sales do?

Placeholder sales are not as fully featured as regular sales in Artconomy. Because you aren’t selling to an Artconomy user, you won’t have access to the following features when managing the sale:

  • Making sure the commissioner agrees to the commissioning agreement
  • Escrow services
  • Dispute resolution services
  • Notifying watchers when you’re streaming
  • Rating/time completion statistics
  • Direct communication with the commissioner through comments

It is also possible to create placeholder sales that will bring your load over your maximum. So you must be careful to check your load before you create new placeholder sales so you don’t over commit. As always, when your load is over the maximum you’ve set, commissions are closed automatically to avoid overbooking and customer service issues.

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This train is movin!

Post-Launch Update: We did it! We launched in September 2018, hitting our Q3 mark perfectly. Thanks so much to all the beta-testers that helped us make this possible.

Artconomy has been developing for several months now, and we expect it to be ready for release by the third quarter of 2018, earlier if we are fortunate.

You can find us on Twitter as we prepare for launch. We’re happy to answer questions about the upcoming service, and if you’re an artist who is interested in joining the platform, we will soon be looking for beta testers.

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We're launching soon! Find out when we're releasing, opportunities for beta testing, and other news!