Placeholder Sales – Or How to Manage Commissions Made Both on and off of Artconomy

One of the most troublesome aspects of the trade for many artists is workload management. How do you make sure you’re not taking on too much? How do you keep track of everything you have to do?

Artconomy helps you with this by allowing you to have a number of ‘points’ that each order is worth. You can assign more points to orders that are more complicated, and less points to orders that are easy. You also set your ‘maximum load’, which is the number of points you’re able to take on at once. When you’ve reached your maximum, Artconomy closes your commissions for you, allowing you to focus on the work you currently have and avoiding customer service problems that can come from appearing open for commissions when you don’t really have room.

When customers order through Artconomy, tracking how much work you have to do is easy. However, what happens when you’ve taken an order in person for cash, such as at a convention, or when you’ve decided to work on a personal project, and have to factor it in?

Enter Placeholder Sales

Placeholder sales allow you to track information about a project not commissioned through Artconomy. This allows you to still keep track of your load and your open projects without needing to have every single thing commissioned through our service.

To create a new placeholder sale, go to your Sales page in the menu, and under the ‘Current’ tab, a green + button will appear. Click the button, and fill out the form.


You can add all the information you like about the project– what to make, the email and IM information, links to references the user has provided, as well as assign points to the sale, as well as the expected turnaround time you have for the project.

Once the placeholder sale is created, you can see its points show up in your statistics. Like any other sale, if the placeholder sale consumes your remaining points, you will be closed for commissions.

What Can’t Placeholder Sales do?

Placeholder sales are not as fully featured as regular sales in Artconomy. Because you aren’t selling to an Artconomy user, you won’t have access to the following features when managing the sale:

  • Making sure the commissioner agrees to the commissioning agreement
  • Escrow services
  • Dispute resolution services
  • Notifying watchers when you’re streaming
  • Rating/time completion statistics
  • Direct communication with the commissioner through comments

It is also possible to create placeholder sales that will bring your load over your maximum. So you must be careful to check your load before you create new placeholder sales so you don’t over commit. As always, when your load is over the maximum you’ve set, commissions are closed automatically to avoid overbooking and customer service issues.

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