Who’s Open? Seeing Artist Availability at a Glance

Navigating the world of art is messy. One of the fundamental challenges to getting a piece done of your favorite character is finding an available artist.

Not only do you have to find the right artist, you need to be able to find their pricing, and if they have any room. We think it would be nice if you could follow your favorite artists and know, at a glance, who’s available and what they’re offering.

Introducing the “Who’s Open?” feature. To use it, you first visit your favorite artist’s profile page and watch them:

Then, you go to the “Who’s Open?” link in the menu.

And voila! All of the artists you’re watching, with all of the products they’re offering, are at your fingertips!

Can I Get Instant Alerts?

You can! Instead of checking the list to see who is open, Artconomy Portrait Subscribers can be alerted via email and Telegram messenger.

When watching a user, you will be presented with a button offering to alert you:

Click this button to start the account upgrade process. Alternatively, you can visit the upgrade button on the sidebar. Once upgraded, emails will send the moment your favorite artists open, and you can visit the Portrait tab in your settings page to set up your Telegram alerts!

Now you can know the moment your favorite artists are open and get into their queue first!

How do I know the Artists are Really Open?

Artconomy manages the workload of artists, and allows them to quickly open and close commissions. This means that when artists’ queues are full, their products are automatically taken down, so you don’t have to worry about sifting through old availability announcements.

Artconomy will continue to find innovative ways to make the commissioning process as smooth as possible!