Interview with an Artist: Faraday

This is another post in our series of interviews with Artists on the Artconomy platform. Today’s interviewee is our latest featured artist, Faraday!

What name do you go by?

I go by Faraday online and to those that I don’t know yet.

What made you pick the name Faraday?

Honestly, I watched the show Lost a few years ago and got the name from one of the characters there. It’s also a pretty androgynous name, so that’s a bonus!

What’s the URL for your Artconomy profile?

My profile is here!

What sort of art do you do? Any type/subject you enjoy the most?

My passion has to be in digital painting, but I also enjoy all other types of digital art. I especially love to paint with a mood or song behind it. I also make crafts like fursuits and (hopefully soon) other cosplay.

How long have you been doing art? And how long have you been taking commissions?

I started drawing seriously in 2013, so 6 years now! And for commissions, I’ve been taking them since early last year.

Do you have a particular piece you’re proud of and would like to share?

Honestly, I have a bunch of paintings I’m very proud of how they came out. If I had to choose one to share, it’s this one! This is a recent personal painting I made that I’m very happy with

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of the commissioning process?

My favorite part of the process has to be the interactions I have with the commissioners. I love to talk with and see their reactions to the art coming together. My least favorite part is probably the work load when commissions start to stack up. It causes stress and makes me feel like I’m in a rush to get everything finished.

Before Artconomy, how did you handle commissions?

Apart from it, I would advertise my commissions on different sites. The commissioners would come to me through those, telegram, discord or through email. I’d talk and update them through whatever means they’re comfortable with and handle all of the payments with PayPal. Usually after receiving a commission, I will make a quick sketch and have it approved before sending the invoice to the client.

What would you say is the hardest/most time consuming part of the commissioning process?

The hardest part definitely has to be the revisions if there are any. It can easily break my flow and slow my drawing pace.

Is there a piece of advice you wish you’d gotten when you were starting out? And/or any tips for other commission artists?

I wish that I had someone tell me that starting out freelancing is not easy, and that it takes a long time to grow. It would have helped with a lot of disappointment and down times from high, unrealistic expectations that I had. Dreaming big is a good thing, but thinking smaller is the only way to get to the dream.

Anything else you’d like to share with us/other artists/commissioners?

For artists, I guess I’d like to say that things can be really difficult, but not impossible! Don’t give up because you don’t truly know if you’re missing out on something great. For commissioners and fans of artists, please support the artists you love! You’re usually pretty big part of why they create, and even motivation to keep going.

Faraday is available for commissions today. Check out their shop on Artconomy!