Guest Checkout, Invoicing, and More: 5 Things to Know About Artconomy’s Update

When we launched in September of 2018, we worked hard to bring Artists and commissioners a toolkit that makes buying and selling art a cinch. Now, we’re unveiling a new update– and here’s 5 things you’ll want to know about!

5. Customize your Products with Multiple Samples

At our initial launch, you could add only one preview image to your products, and you could only have samples attached to a product when commissions were completed.

Now, you can upload multiple samples, and pick a featured one from them!

Note: To support this feature, all old preview images have been converted into submissions. You can find these in your gallery!

4. New ‘Artist Mode’ Added

Artconomy originally gave all users access to artist tools, but while we believe everyone can be an artist who puts their mind to it, having options for selling art front and center for people who would rather browse or buy could be very distracting.

To make things simpler, we now have ‘Artist Mode’, which can be toggled in your ‘Options’ settings. Artist Mode enabled artist-centric features, such as your store.

We’ve tried to find all existing artists on the site and automatically turn on artist mode for them. If you never got around to listing a product before, you may have to enable it yourself.

We’ve also renamed ‘Maximum Load’ to ‘Slots’, as many artists found the old term confusing.

Notice a new setting as well: Your maximum content rating for commissions. Customers attempting to place commissions above your maximum rating will be informed that you are likely to reject their request. We may make commission requests over your maximum rating fail altogether if we find that too many commissioners ignore this warning.

We have tried to detect what the maximum content rating of each artist is by checking all of their uploads and seeing what the maximum rating has been. You may need to adjust this setting, accordingly!

3. Pageviews are now Tracked

One thing we heard from you is that you want to know how many people are looking at your products and submissions. We heard you and have added in pageview tracking on products, submissions, and profiles. We hope to expand this feature to give more fine-grained analytics in the future.

Note: Pageviews are only being counted from November 29, 2019, when we released the feature, so any pageviews before then won’t be visible.

2. Invoicing

Invoicing was available in simplified form before, but now it’s been greatly expanded. To issue an invoice, go to your sales page and click the ‘Create Invoice’ button.

Invoicing is a very flexible way to track your work. Not only can it be used to send invoices to clients, but it can act as a way to track all of your work for you. If you have orders that were made, and even paid for, outside of Artconomy, you can still keep track of them within AWOO. You can optionally add the customer’s email to an order so they can get updates, or just use an order as a placeholder for your own internal tracking purposes.

1. Guest Checkout

If there was one feature we heard the most demand for, it was guest checkout. Many visitors to the site don’t want to sign up for a new account to order from artists or pay invoices, so we knew we needed to make it easier for them. Now, whenever you want to buy a commission, all you have to do is provide your email and information about what you want. No need to log in!

We hope you’ll find these changes helpful as you commission and create, and we look forward to building more and more goodies to come!