Texas Furry Fiesta 2020: How to Find us!

Texas Furry Fiesta is one of our favorite conventions– it’s the first place we announced Artconomy’s development back in 2018. This year, we’ve got our own table, and we’ll be running 6 panels! Here’s what we’re up to, and how to find us:

Check us out in the Dealer’s Den!

This will be our first time running a table in the Dealer’s Den, and we’ll be taking commissions on behalf of several artists in person, and offering prints and other trinkets! Come say “hi!” and get to know us. 🙂

Panel: Houston Furs Meet and Greet

2PM Friday. Artconomy is based in Houston, and our founder, Fox, lives and works there with our president, Amber. At the Houston meet and Greet you’ll get to find out what’s happening locally in the Houston scene, as well as learn about the upcoming Houston con, recently renamed to ‘StratosFur’!

Panel: Me, My Partner, & Their Fursona

7PM Friday. Run by our president Amber, for the furry-adjacent, entering a relationship with a furry comes with a host of questions from the silly (“How can a bird be a fursona, doesn’t it have to be furry?”) to the more serious (“Do you love me less for not being a furry?”). This panel aims to bridge the gap between those in the fandom and those not, discuss identity and vulnerability, and encourage healthy relationship behavior.

Panel: How to be the Best at Online Role Play After Dark

A fine nighttime sceneing setup.

11PM Friday. Interested in improving your role play skills for night time excitement? Come learn tips from our founder Fox, an experienced writer in the trade, and learn a few new words you can’t repeat in polite company!

Panel: Vore Q&A

Friday’s Midnight. Are micros gluten free? What’s the best way to prepare a fox? How does one slide down a throat most courteously? Find answers to all of these questions and more about vore!

Art by Psychoseby

Panel: How to Master Your Life

2:30PM Saturday. Room always messy? Can’t ever make it to things on time? Not sure how other people seem to ‘have it together’? Escape the dumpster fire and learn the principles that allow you to master your life and live the way you want to!

Panel: Artconomy

8PM Saturday: Get some tips on selling your art, and learn about the growing creative revolution, and how you can be a part of it!