ScaledCon: What it is and How to be an Artist for it

Conpulsion, the yearly games conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, has been struck with the same misfortune as many cons this year. Not ones to give up, some on their staff have started up ‘ScaledCon’, an online con to keep the games running, even if the original plans rolled a natural one. It will be running April 4th!

Artconomy has been sourced to be the official Artists Alley of the event, and, if you’re an artist, you have a chance to be a part of it! Here’s how:

1. Create a Product (or multiple products) for ScaledCon

ScaledCon is a convention for tabletop enthusiasts, and, as it’s patterned after a traditional con, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind when creating a product for it:

  1. Your Sample Images should contain pictures of sci-fi and fantasy characters if possible, as these are common among RPG fans.
  2. You should aim to have a short expected turnaround time, as if you were working an artist’s alley at a con.

This is a digital con, so the rule of ‘you should complete the piece at the convention so the customer can pick it up’ does not apply here. The event is only running for one day anyhow.

However you don’t want to wait too long as the customers will be expecting the pieces to feel like they are ‘part’ of the convention experience.

2. Tag Your Product ‘scaledcon’

‘scaledcon’ will be the official tag of the event. This way, anyone who wants to take commissions during the event can be found quickly.

3. Be Around During UK Waking Hours

Big Ben is in London, England, but Edinburgh shares a timezone with it.

This event is happening in Scotland, so you will want to be awake when they are. Notionally, this would be 9-5. In reality, as it’s people connecting from their computer to hang out online, it might be much later on both fronts (so you may be able to sleep in a bit more). Note: There will be a daylight savings time shift in the UK on March 29th. These times incorporate that change. If you’re in the United States, 9-5 would be:

Eastern Time: 4:00AM-Noon
Central Time: 3:00AM-11:00AM
Mountain Time: 2:00AM-10:00AM
Pacific Time: 1:00AM-9:00AM

Again, knowing the audience you may be able to sleep in and be active in the event much later than this, but these are times to keep in mind.

4. Join the Artconomy Discord

Join the Discord Server for more information and coordination as it becomes available. We’d love to have you!

Note: The mods are in Central US time, so if you’re in the UK during US night time hours, you may need to wait a few hours for your approval to come through, but it will come!