It’s All About Trust

One of the most challenging parts of making one’s living as an artist is ensuring that payment will come through. In a world where chargebacks and other issues with customers are common, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Artconomy works to provide a trusted service by delivering a stable, consistent service experience […]

New Filetype Support!

Hey folks, just a quick update this time – but an important one! Ever the crafty coding canid, our Fox has been hard at work expanding the filetype support for Artconomy! Here’s a list of most (but not all!) of the currently supported filetypes: Image: GIF, JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, TIFF, SVG, WDP, AI, […]

When Things go Wrong: How to Handle Disputes

Art is a complex business. The time it takes for a piece to be completed can vary, details can be quite particular, and there are some artists and commissioners that are unable to meet expectations. Traditionally, you might be out of luck when you come to an impasse. But with Artconomy Shield, you have access […]

Referral Contest!

Hey everyone, it’s Eris again! We’ve got an exciting thing going on right now! Fox recently implemented the code for referrals, and to celebrate we’re holding a contest!  From now until November 5th 2018, whoever gets the most referrals gets a commission (up to $30) paid for by Artconomy! A referral is anyone who buys […]

Reputation and Ratings for Artists and Buyers

On most art and gallery sites that are available today, it’s difficult to establish a reputation as either a commissioner or an artist. With Artconomy, this is no longer a concern. Every commission allows an opportunity for commissioners and artists to rate each other. When you visit a user’s profile page, click the stars under […]

Adjustments: How to Handle the Chaos of Custom Orders

Until Artconomy, creating a storefront for custom art has been difficult. One of the biggest reasons why is that each piece that’s created comes with its own unique details, and some of these details require more work than others. Imagine creating an online ‘product’ to represent ink sketches you’re willing to sell. You set the […]